We guide new and established veteran-owned businesses to increase their revenues by 5 & 6+ figures.
Our simple communication strategy shows you an easy way to grow your business by speaking a language that sells.
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What Our Clients Say

You served your country.

You deserve to enjoy the life it has to offer.

You have a great product, but marketing and advertising your business
isn’t your greatest strength. We get it.

Does growing a profitable and sustainable business often feel like rocket science to you?
If so, it’s not your fault.

We know what it’s like to sacrifice countless hours away from your family and work hard,
yet still remain frustrated, unfulfilled, and feel like you’re stuck in a holding pattern.

That’s a heavy load to carry. But you’re not alone. There’s a better way…


  • If you can SAY it well, you can SELL more.

It’s very likely you have a good product and you know that product well. But that isn’t enough to grow your business. You’re an expert on your product, but probably not in human psychology and communication. Don’t let your own marketing hold you back.

  • It’s a heavy load to carry, huh?

Ideally, you’ll want a proven game plan set in place that allows you to do what you do well- wearing one hat instead of several, cultivating more meaningful business connections, and having a greater impact in your community.

  • Someone strategically crafting your marketing messages can relieve that stress.

A highly-experienced sales communicator who ‘writes all that stuff’ on your website for you can allow you to boost your monthly revenues without all the added stress. With that weight off your shoulders, you’ll have the freedom to grow your business while doing what you enjoy.

Veteran Business Success
Veteran Business Success
Veteran Business Success
Veteran Business Success

If You Make More Money, You Can Have More Impact

In 2014, after 8 years in business, I mentored a small group of new, inexperienced business owners who were simply trying to get by. Their results shocked them. Each of them more than tripled their revenues in the first 12-18 months simply by communicating their value in a more clear, compelling way.

The freedom to spend more time with their families, control their schedules, and stress less about money dramatically transformed their qualities of life.


Your marketing shouldn’t stop your company from growing.

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Veteran Business Success: Brian Fleming

Brian Fleming
Founder & CEO, Veteran Business Success
US Army Infantry, Purple Heart Recipient